High Speed Slitter Machine

High Speed Slitter Machine is suitable for kraft paper, copperplate paper and other kinds base paper sitting operation


SLM-D High Speed Slitter Machine Detailed

High Speed Slitter Machine

1. High Speed Slitter Machine  is suitable for kraft paper, copperplate paper and other kinds base paper sitting operation.
2. Enlire machine is conrolled by PLC, man-machine interface, screen touch operation. 
3. Unwind part adopts imported pneumatic brake control, the rlling diameter is automatically calculated by PLC, to achieve constant tension control.
4. Rewind control is drive by a veclor variable frequency motor, to achieve constant linear velocity control.
5. Rewind part of the discharge using pneumatic pusher, hydraulic lting platfom structure.
6. Unwind part adopts hydraulic power feed, shaftless, which can save much labour force, and shorten time.
7. Auto meter presetting, EPC error correction device is positive to assure the accuracy. Optical correction can choose hydraulic.
8. The feature of machine is stability, security, eficienct, etc.

High Speed Slitter Machine , also known as a slitter, is a versatile piece of equipment used in various industries to cut materials into smaller, more manageable sizes.

The primary purpose of a Slitting machine is to create narrow strips or rolls of material from a larger roll or sheet.

Slitting machine are commonly used in the paper, plastic, and metal industries, as well as in textiles and packaging. They can cut materials such as paper, plastic films, aluminum foil, and even steel.
Slitting machines can cut materials at high speeds and with great precision, making them ideal for large-scale production.

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