Slitter Rewinder Machine

Slitter Rewinder Machine is mainly used to cut paper, laminated film, aluminum foil, etc.


SLM-B Slitter Rewinder Machine Detailed

Slitter Rewinder Machine

SLM-B Rewinder Machine Product Introduction

1. Slitter Rewinder Machine is mainly used to cut paper, laminated film, aluminum foil, etc.

2.Entire Slitter Rewinder Machine is controlled by PLC(two vector motors), man-machine interface, screen touch operation.

3. Unwinder part equip with Italia RE air brake, realizes by the PLC automatic counting ,as well as constant tension control for unwinding.

4.Transmission part uses the vector frequency conversion motorrealize the

constant line speed control.

5.Unwinder shaftless.with hydraulic auto loading, vice- clamps electrically.

6.Rewinders are controlled by motors, Full auto offload device included with machine.

7.Auto meter presetting, auto meter counting, auto stoppage, etc.

8.Rewinder Machine EPC error correction device is positive to assure the accuracy.

Slitter Rewinder Machine , also known as a slitter, is a versatile piece of equipment used in various industries to cut materials into smaller, more manageable sizes.

The primary purpose of a Slitting machine is to create narrow strips or rolls of material from a larger roll or sheet.

Slitting machine are commonly used in the paper, plastic, and metal industries, as well as in textiles and packaging. They can cut materials such as paper, plastic films, aluminum foil, and even steel.
Slitting machines can cut materials at high speeds and with great precision, making them ideal for large-scale production.

Slitter Rewinder Machine workshop

Slitter Rewinder Machine manufacturer - Ruian Sanlian Packing Machinery Factory

Man:Lin Guangqing